This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using the Graphical Rules Editing Interface 

Visual Studio 2005

The Dotfuscator GUI uses a common interface to graphically specify rules for including and excluding elements in your application. The rules editing interface is used to set rules for the following operations:

Renaming exclusion rules.
Control Flow Obfuscation exclusion rules.
String Encryption inclusion rules.
Removal Trigger Method selection rules.
Removal Conditional Includes selection rules.

This section explains how to get the most out of the rules editing interface.

There are two methods of creating rules. The first is by checking individual elements in the application tree view. By doing this, you generate a simple rule that selects that particular element. The second method is by adding “nodes” to the rule editing view. This type of rule is more powerful and customizable. You can use regular expressions and other selection criteria, based on the type of rule. This method also provides ways to preview the items selected by each rule.

The next sections discuss each method in detail. You may use either method or both methods in conjunction for maximum flexibility.

In this section

Selecting Individual Elements

Creating Custom Rules

Using Declarative Obfuscation with Rules

Previewing Rules