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Conventions Used in This Guide

Visual Studio 2005
Convention Indicates
Bold font User Interface (UI) features.

For example: On the File menu, click New.

Monospaced Fonts
File paths and names, lines of code, and data that you enter using your keyboard.

For example:

In its simplest form, binding the viewer control to a report looks like this:

crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = "C:\\WorldSalesReport.rpt";
Monospaced, italicized font

Indicates variable data that you must replace with data appropriate to your current settings, environment, or task.

For example, in the following URL, you would replace webserver:

http://webserver/Business Objects/ BusinessObjects Enterprise 11/
CTRL+KEY, SHIFT+KEY, and ALT+KEY CTRL+KEY, SHIFT+KEY, and ALT+KEY are examples of key combinations. Hold down the first key in the combination and, at the same time, press the second key in the combination (designated above as KEY).

For example: CTRL+C means hold the Control key down and press the letter C on your keyboard (CTRL+C is the Windows Copy command).



Delete means the Delete key, or the Del key on your numeric keypad.

Enter means the Enter, Return, or CR key, depending on which of these keys appears on your keyboard.

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