Testing Applications

The tests included in the Application Verifier are to help software developers avoid common mistakes by using verification layers to validate the usage of the following API families:

Lock Verifier– Verifies the correct usage of critical sections.

Handle Verifier – Tests to ensure the application is not attempting to use invalid handles.

Heap Verifier– Checks for memory corruption issues in the heap.

Start Testing an Application

To start testing an application, select Start with Application Verifier from the Debug menu. This option will only appear for VC++ projects. Therefore, if you are creating a VB, VC# and VJ# project, Application Verifier will not appear as an option.

If you have a VC++ project but the option does not appear or it is grayed out it could be due to one of the following:

  1. A solution or project must be opened in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  2. It will also appear disabled while the process of building the project is still in progress.

  3. Once you have selected to run your program under the debugger with Application Verifier, the option will appear disabled or grayed out until the debug session ends.

Community Additions