Application Verifier Features

Application Verifier contains the following features:

Verifier Stop Message

When an error is encountered while running Application Verifier a dialog is displayed providing you with information regarding a problem. This is known as a verifier stop and the key feature of Application Verifier. Please note that all the stops will not occur on all operating systems. In general, new operating systems will detect more bugs.

Tool Window

When an error is encountered, the verifier stop dialog will appear along with a tool window. This window will display the details of the error including stack traces, if available, to facilitate the process of debugging a verifier stop. This is accessible once the error is encountered or when the stop name is selected from the Task List.

When evaluating the details of the error, the stack trace may be double clicked to go directly to the source code. You may also choose to right click the mouse and select Source Code to go to the problem area. This will place a pointer to the code that is in violation.

In order to get focus on the stack traces, without using the mouse, click Alt + Tab. This will put the focus on the first stack trace and allow you to scroll through the rest of them using the arrow up or down.

Task List

When an error is encountered and the verifier stops are configured accordingly in the project properties, Application Verifier will note the problem within the task list for later reference. Once the verifier tests are complete, each of the tasks can be reviewed for details. By double clicking a specific Application Verifier task, the Tool Window will display with the error details.