This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Defining Field Lists

Field lists are used to define allowed values for a field; they provide list items that users can select. There are three types of lists: allowed values, suggested values, and prohibited values. Field lists can be used for String field types only.

In This Section

Field List Items

Describes the <LISTITEM> element that you use to define the individual list item values that users can select.

Global Lists

Describes how to share list items among multiple work item types using the <GLOBALLIST> element.

Field List Types

Describes how to specify whether a field list value is allowed, suggested, or prohibited, by using the <ALLOWEDVALUES>, <SUGGESTEDVALUES>, or <PROHIBITEDVALUES> tags, respectively.

List Item Expansion

Describes how to control the expansion of list items by using the optional expanditems and filteritems attributes.

List Item Expansion Examples

Illustrates the use of the optional expanditems and filteritems attributes.

Using List Types in Combination

Describes the effects of combining the <ALLOWEDVALUES>, <SUGGESTEDVALUES>, and <PROHIBITEDVALUES> tags.

Specifying Field Defaults

Describes how to specify rules that control the ways that field values are automatically assigned.

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