This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Server Reporting

When you create a new team project, the New Team Project Wizard generates a set of standard reports according to the specifications in the process template. You can also add your own custom reports. The reports are listed in alphabetical order in Team Explorer under the Reports node for the team project. The reports that you view are always opened in read-only mode.

The reports produced by Team Foundation can help you quickly assess the status of the team project, the quality of the software under development, and the progress toward being finished with the project. These reports summarize the metrics from such things as work items, source control, test results, and builds. For example, the reports can tell you how fast your team is working from week-to-week, based on their actual activities. For more information about the purpose, layout, or use of each report, see the process guidance documentation.

Team Foundation Server is built on SQL Server 2005 and uses SQL Server to store everything about work items, quality attributes, testing, test results, and build results. Team Foundation Server then uses SQL Server Analysis Services to aggregate and analyze the data and drive the reports. The reports that are created by the process template or by individual team members using Microsoft Excel or Visual Studio 2005 Report Designer are made available through SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and the team report site.

In This Section

Data Sources for Team Foundation Server Reporting

Describes the two data sources used for pre-built Team Foundation reports.

How to: Locate and Edit a Report

Explains the procedures for editing an existing report.

How to: Set Permissions for a Report

Explains the procedures for setting permissions for who can read or change a report.

Using Microsoft Excel for Team Foundation Server Reporting

Describes how you can create and edit reports in Microsoft Excel.

Using Report Designer for Team Foundation Server Reporting

Describes how to use Visual Studio 2005 Report Designer to develop and edit reports used by the team.

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