This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Designing Tables (Visual Database Tools)

The Table Designer devotes an entire window to the design of an individual table. The topics in this section explain how to use Table Designer to create and modify database tables.

How to: Open Table Designer (Visual Database Tools)

Open a new or existing database table.

How to: Save Your Work in Table Designer (Visual Database Tools)

Save changes to specific tables or to all tables open in the Table Designer.

Working with Tables in Table Designer (Visual Database Tools)

Add, remove, and modify tables in your database.

Working with Columns (Visual Database Tools)

Edit column properties directly in a database diagram or the Table Designer.

Working with Keys (Visual Database Tools)

Add, remove, and manipulate primary keys and foreign keys.

Working with Relationships (Visual Database Tools)

Create and modify associations between table rows.

Working with Indexes (Visual Database Tools)

Add, delete, and manage indexes for fast access to table rows or enforcing certain constraints.

Working with Constraints (Visual Database Tools)

Create and manage various types of constraints.

Understanding Visual Database Tools (Visual Database Tools)

Provides an overview of the tools included and how to manage large database projects.