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Returns unprocessed changes, such as pending inserts, updates, and deletes, for a specified table that is using change tracking.

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sp_fulltext_pendingchanges table_id


ID of the table. If the table is not full-text indexed, or change tracking is not enabled on the table, an error is returned.

Column name Data type Description



Is the full-text key value from the specified table.



Is an internal document identifier (DocId) column that corresponds to the key value.



0 = Row will be removed from the full-text index.

1 = Row will be full-text indexed.

2 = Row is up-to-date.

-1 = Row is in a transitional (batched, but not committed) state or an error state.



Is a raw dump of the internal document identifier (DocId) map status column.

* The data type for Key is same as the data type of the full-text key column in the base table.

If there are no changes to process, an empty rowset is returned.

Full-Text Search queries do not return rows with a Status value of 0. This is because the row has been deleted from base table and is waiting to be deleted from the full-text index.

To find out how many changes are pending for a particular table, use the TableFullTextPendingChanges property of the OBJECTPROPERTYEX function.

Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role.

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