Working with SOAP Sessions

Native XML Web Services in SQL Server 2005 enables an instance of SQL Server 2005 to be accessed by Web service applications and to operate without the demands of the traditional network connection-based SQL service model. However, because SOAP-based access to SQL Server data over HTTP operates independently of connections, using SOAP sessions can provide an optional extension to HTTP SOAP-based clients for supporting multipart SQL batch processes.

Topic Description

How SOAP Sessions Support Works

Provides an overview of how SOAP sessions support can be used in Microsoft SQL Server.

Initiating a SOAP Session

Describes how to initiate a SOAP session.

Using a SOAP Session

Describes how to enlist in and use an existing SOAP session.

Ending a SOAP Session

Describes how to end a SOAP session.

Using Transactions with SOAP Sessions

Discusses how SQL Server transactions can be used within SOAP sessions.

Altering Endpoints When Using SOAP Sessions

Describes how an existing SOAP session will be affected if changes are made to the properties of the underlying HTTP endpoint hosting the session.

Monitoring SOAP Sessions

Describes counter objects that can be used to track the use of SOAP sessions.

SOAP Sessions FAQ

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about SOAP sessions support in SQL Server 2005.

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