History Properties Page (Report Manager)

Use the History properties page to schedule report snapshots to be added to report history, and to set limits on the number of report snapshots that are stored in report history.

This feature is not supported in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. For more information about feature availability, see Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.

To open this page, select a report, click the Properties tab at the top of the page, and then click the History tab at the side of the page. Or, if the Contents page is in details view, click the property page icon:

Property page icon
Property Page icon

Allow history to be created manually

Select this check box to add snapshots to report history as needed. Selecting this check box causes the New Snapshot button to appear on the History page.

Store all report execution snapshots in report history

Select this check box to copy a report snapshot that you generate based on report execution properties to report history. You can set report execution properties to run a report from a generated snapshot. By setting this report history property, you can keep a record of all reports snapshots that are generated over time by placing copies of them in report history.

Use the following schedule to add snapshots to report history

Select this check box to add snapshots to report history on a scheduled basis. You can create a schedule that is used exclusively for this purpose, or you can select a predefined shared schedule if one contains the schedule information you want.

Select the number of snapshots to keep

Select from the following options to control the number of reports that are kept in report history. Report history settings can vary for each report.

Choose Use default setting to retain the default setting. The report server administrator controls a master setting for report history storage. If you choose this option, the number of snapshots that are retained is obtained from this master setting.

Choose Keep an unlimited number of snapshots in report history to retain all report history snapshots. You must manually delete snapshots to reduce the size of report history.

Choose Limit the copies of report history to retain a set number of snapshots. When the limit is reached, older copies are removed from report history to make room for newer copies.


Click Apply to save your changes.

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