Connect to Server (Connection Properties Page) Database Engine

Use this tab to view or specify options when connecting to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Engine. or registering Database Engine in Registered Servers. Connect and Options only appear in this dialog box when connecting. Test and Save only appear in this dialog box when registering Database Engine.

Connect to database

Select a database to connect to from the list. If you select <default>, you will be connected to the default database for the server. If you select <Browse server>, you can browse the server for the database you would like to connect to.

Network protocol

Select a protocol from the list. The available client protocols are those that you configured using the Client Network Configuration in Computer Management.

Network packet size

Enter the size of the network packets to be sent. The default is 4096 bytes.

Connection timeout

Enter the number of seconds to wait for a connection to be established before timing out. The default value is 15 seconds.

Execution timeout

Enter the amount of time in seconds to wait before execution of a task is completed on the server. The default value is zero seconds, which indicates there is no time-out.

Encrypt connection

Forces encryption of the connection.

Reset All

Replace all manually entered connection property values with their defaults.


Attempt a connection using the listed values.


Click to change the dialog and hide the additional server connection options, such as remembering the password.


When registering Database Engine in Registered Servers, click to test the connection.


Saves the settings in Registered Servers.

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