Database Engine Tuning Advisor (Tools/Options Page)

Use this dialog box to specify general configuration parameters for Database Engine Tuning Advisor.

On startup

Specify what Database Engine Tuning Advisor should do when it is started: open without a database connection, show a New Connection dialog box, show a new session, or load the last loaded session.

Change font

Specify the display font used by Database Engine Tuning Advisor tables.

Number of items in most recently used lists

Specify the number of sessions or files to display under Recent Sessions or Recent Files in the File menu.

Remember my last tuning options

Retain tuning options between sessions. Selected by default. Clear this check box to always start with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor defaults.

Ask before permanently deleting sessions

Display a confirmation dialog box before deleting sessions.

Ask before stopping session analysis

Display a confirmation dialog box before stopping analysis of a workload.

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