Query Builder (Report Designer)

Use the Query Builder dialog box to define query information for the report.

Use the diagram pane to view the tables that are used by the query, manage joins between tables, and select fields. When you add tables to the query, Query Designer creates joins between tables based on the keys in the table. To add a join, drag a field from one table onto a field in another table. To manage a join, right-click the join. To add fields to the query, select the check box next to the field you want to add.

Use the grid pane to manage individual fields within the query. The options available in the grid pane are Alias, Table, Output, Sort Type, Sort Order, Criteria, and Group By.

Use the SQL pane to view and modify the SQL syntax directly. Editing SQL code in the SQL pane affects both the diagram and grid panes.

Use the result pane to view the results of the query. To run a query, either right-click anywhere in the designer and then click Run, or click Run in the toolbar.

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