Restore Database Dialog Box (SSAS)

Use the Restore Database dialog box in SQL Server Management Studio to restore an Analysis Services database from a backup file using the Analysis Services Backup File (.abf) format. You can display the Restore Database dialog box by right-clicking either the Databases folder of an Analysis Services instance or a database in Object Explorer and selecting Restore.

The Restore Database dialog box contains the pages listed in the following table.

Page Definition


Use this page to select the database to restore, the backup file from which to restore the database, as well as the general options and password to use while restoring the database. For more information about this page, see General (Restore Database Dialog Box) (SSAS).


Use this page to restore local partitions to specified locations, and to restore remote partitions from remote backup files. For more information about this page, see Partitions (Restore Database Dialog Box) (SSAS).

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