MSmerge_replinfo (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The MSmerge_replinfo table contains one row for each subscription. This table tracks information about subscriptions. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column nameData typeDescription
repiduniqueidentifierThe unique ID for the replica.
use_interactive_resolverbitSpecifies whether the interactive resolver is used during reconciliation.

 0 = Do not use the interactive resolver.

 1 = use the interactive resolver.
validation_levelintType of validation to perform on the subscription. The validation level specified can be one of these values:

 0 = No validation.

 1 = Rowcount-only validation.

 2 = Rowcount and checksum validation.

 3 = Rowcount and binary checksum validation.
resync_genbigintThe generation number that is used for resynchronization of the subscription. A value of –1 indicates that the subscription is not marked for resynchronization.
login_namesysnameThe name of the user who created the subscription.
hostnamesysnameThe value that is used by the parameterized row filter when generating the partition for the subscription.
merge_jobidbinary(16)The merge job ID for this subscription.
sync_infointInternal-use only.

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