This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Implementing Stored Procedures

This section provides the information necessary to create, modify, and remove stored procedures.

Topic Description

Creating Stored Procedures (Database Engine)

Guidelines for creating stored procedures.

Creating CLR Stored Procedures

Information about creating CLR stored procedures.

Deferred Name Resolution and Compilation

Describes when and how stored procedures are parsed and compiled. Explains deferred name resolution of referenced objects when creating a stored procedure.

Executing Stored Procedures (Database Engine)

Guidelines for executing stored procedures.

Extended Stored Procedures

Guidelines for creating extended stored procedures.

Modifying Stored Procedures

Guidelines for modifying and renamed stored procedures

Recompiling Stored Procedures

Guidelines for recompiling stored procedures.

Viewing Stored Procedures

Information about how to view stored procedure definitions and properties.

Deleting Stored Procedures

Guidelines for deleting stored procedures.