This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

NSQuantumsSkipped (Transact-SQL)

Returns information about skipped quanta in the Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services application. Quanta can be skipped if the generator falls behind and quantum limits are set in the application definition file (ADF).

[ application_schema_name . ] NSQuantumsSkipped

The NSQuantumsSkipped result set is ordered by StartSkippedInterval.

Column Name Data Type Description



Start date and time, in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time), of the interval skipped by the generator.



End date and time, in UTC, of the interval skipped by the generator.



Number of seconds in the skipped interval.



Number of quantum periods skipped during the interval.



Indicates whether event chronicle rule firings were skipped during the interval. Possible values are Yes and No.



Indicates whether subscription rule firings were skipped during the interval. Possible values are Yes and No.

Notification Services creates the NSQuantumsSkipped stored procedure in the application database when you create the instance. When you update the application, Notification Services recompiles the stored procedure.

This stored procedure is in the application's schema, which is specified by the SchemaName element of the application definition file (ADF). If no schema name is provided, the default schema is dbo.

Execute permissions default to members of the NSAnalysis database role, db_owner fixed database role, and sysadmin fixed server role.

The following example shows how to run the NSQuantumsSkipped stored procedure for an application. The result set includes all skipped quanta since the application started.

The application uses the default SchemaName settings, which places all application objects in the dbo schema.

EXEC dbo.NSQuantumsSkipped;