This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Layout View (Report Designer)

Use Layout view to arrange report items in the report. Layout view is sometimes called the design grid or design surface.

The design grid consists of three sections: body, page header, and page footer. Use the Toolbox to select items to place in any of these three sections. The Fields list can also be used to drag fields into data regions such as table, matrix, or list. Each item on the report design surface contains properties that can be managed using a properties dialog box or the Properties window.

To view the page header and page footer, on the Report menu, click Page Header or Page Footer. Data regions cannot be used in the page header or footer.

If the Report menu is not available, click within the report design area.

The Toolbox, Fields list, and Properties window provide a means for adding and manipulating items in the report. To view these, in the View menu, click Toolbox, Fields, or Properties Window. To use the properties dialog boxes, right-click the report item, and then click Properties.