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Filter Members Dialog Box (SSAS)

Use the Filter Members dialog box in Business Intelligence Development Studio to filter dimension members by member caption, member name, member unique name, key column value, or value column value for the current level while browsing a dimension in the Browser tab of Dimension Designer.

Term Definition

Filter expression

Displays a grid of properties, operators, and values used to construct a filter expression.

After a row is added, it cannot be removed. You must close and reopen the dialog box to specify a new filter expression.

The grid contains the following columns:

Property Select the property of the member to use for the filter expression.
Operator Select the operator to use for the filter expression.
Value Type the value of the property selected in Property to evaluate using the operator specified in Operator.
Term Definition

Test pane

When Test is clicked, this pane displays the members returned by the filter expression. If no members are returned using the criteria specified in Filter expression, a warning is displayed.


Click to test the criteria specified in Filter expression.

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