This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Run a Test Using Test Controllers and Test Agents

After you create a test and run the test and it passes, you might want to proceed with more exhaustive performance testing, or run the test remotely on a regular basis, by using a test controller and test agents. For more information, see Setting Up Test Machines to Run Tests or Collect Data.

This topic is about using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. However, if you have to plan your testing effort and run your tests as part of a test plan, you can use Microsoft Test Manager. For more information about how to use Microsoft Test Manager, see Defining Your Testing Effort Using Test Plans.


Microsoft Test Manager is provided as part of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Test Professional products.

Your tests can be run from three different windows in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

  • Test View window

  • Test List Editor window

  • Individual test editors

You use the same windows to run your test using a test controller and test agents, but first you must specify which test controller and test agents to use in the test settings.

To run a test using a test controller and test agents

  1. Open a test.

  2. Point to Edit Test Settings on the Test menu and then select a test settings on the submenu.

    The Test Settings dialog box is displayed. For more information on selecting the test controller, roles and test agents, see Create Test Settings to Run Automated Tests from Visual Studio.

  3. Point to Select Active Test Settings on the Test menu and then select the test settings on the submenu that you just saved.

  4. On the Test menu, click Windows and then click Test List Editor.

    The Test List Editor window appears.

  5. In the Test List Editor window, select the load test to run, right-click, and choose Run Checked Test.

    Your test runs on the remote controller and agents. To view tests that have run on a controller, use the Test Run window on the Test menu. For more information, see How to: Save and Open Test Results in Visual Studio.