This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Specify Counter Sets

Counter sets are a set of system performance counters that are useful to monitor during a load test. Counter sets are organized by technology, for example, ASP.NET or SQL counter sets. For more information, see About Counter Sets.

Counter sets, like run settings, apply to all the scenarios in a load test instead of individual scenarios. In other words, counter sets apply to an entire load test and should reflect the goals of your entire load test.


You can change the Counter Sets for a load test later by using the Load Test Editor. For more information, see Deleted: How to: Manage Counter Sets (Deleted).

Specifying Counter Sets in the Load Test Wizard

When you create a load test, you add counter sets that you want to monitor in the Load Test Wizard. For more information, see How to: Launch the Load Test Wizard.

To specify counter sets in the Load Test Wizard

  1. On the Counter Sets page of the Load Test Wizard, you will see the existing counter sets in the Preview selections pane. There will already be default entries visible, including the load test counter set; the load test counter set is collected by the controller by default.

  2. (Optional) Click Add Computer to add a new computer to monitor. You will be prompted for a name. Type a name, and you will see nodes below the new entry that you can select. For example ADO.NET, IIS, SQL, and others. Select the check boxes in front of the nodes you want to select. The new counters appear in the Preview selections pane.

  3. After you choose the counter sets, click Next to continue to the Run Settings page of the Load Test Wizard.

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