This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Configuring Test Execution

You can configure how tests run. When you define a test run configuration, you determine, for example, the way test runs are named, the files that accompany tests when they run, and whether unit tests generate code-coverage information.

In This Section

How to: Specify a Test Run Configuration

Describes how to make settings that control the way that test runs proceed. Your settings are saved to disk in test run configuration.

How to: Apply a Test Run Configuration

Describes how to make a particular test run configuration active. This means that the test execution engine will adhere to the settings in the active test run configuration when it runs tests.

How to: Edit a Test Run Configuration File

Test run configuration settings are stored in an XML file. Although you can change most settings by using the test run configuration dialog box, you must edit the XML file directly to change other settings.

Editing a Test Run Configuration XML File

Shows the structure of a test run configuration file and provides two examples of settings that you can change only by editing the file manually.

How to: Debug while a Test is Running

Describes how to debug your code while a unit test is running.

How to: Debug while Running a Test in an ASP.NET Solution

Describes how to debug while testing ASP.NET code that is running either on IIS or on the ASP.NET Development Server.

How to: Create a Performance Session for a Test

Describes how to obtain reports on various actions of running code, such as memory allocation.

Configuring Code Coverage

Describes the concepts of instrumenting assemblies so that they produce code-coverage data. Also describes how code-coverage data is displayed in the Code Coverage Results window.

Related Sections

Test Deployment

Provides links to topics that describe how tests are deployed before they are run, how to configure test deployment, and how to instrument and re-sign assemblies.

How to: Run Selected Tests

Describes the various ways to run single tests, multiple tests, and test projects.

Command-Line Test Execution

Provides links to topics that describes how to use the MSTest.exe program to run tests from a command line, see test results, save results to disk, and publish results.

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