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Do not mark enums with FlagsAttribute







Breaking Change


The values of an enumeration are not powers of two, or combinations of powers of two defined by the enumeration, and the System.FlagsAttribute attribute is present.

An enumeration should have FlagsAttribute present only if each value defined in the enumeration is a power of two, or a combination of defined values.

To fix a violation of this rule, remove FlagsAttribute from the enumeration.

Do not exclude a warning from this rule.

The following example shows an enumeration, Color, that contains the value 3, which is neither a power of two, nor a combination of any of the defined values. The Color enumeration should not be marked with the FlagsAttribute.

using System;

namespace UsageLibrary
   // The following enumeration correctly applies the attribute.
   public enum DaysEnumNeedsFlags
      None        = 0,
      Monday      = 1,
      Tuesday     = 2,
      Wednesday   = 4,
      Thursday    = 8,
      Friday      = 16,
      All         = Monday| Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
   // Violates rule: DoNotMarkEnumsWithFlags.
   public enum ColorEnumShouldNotHaveFlags
      None        = 0,
      Red         = 1,
      Orange      = 3,
      Yellow      = 4

The following example shows an enumeration, Days, that meets the requirements for being marked with the System.FlagsAttribute.