We recommend using Visual Studio 2017


warning C6054: string <variable> may not be zero-terminated

This warning indicates that a function that requires zero-terminated string was passed a non-zero terminated string. A function that expects a zero-terminated string will go beyond the end of the buffer to look for the zero. This defect might cause an exploitable buffer overrun error or crash. The program should make sure that the string ends with a zero.


The following code generates this warning:

using namespace vc_attributes;

void f ([Pre(NullTerminated=Yes)] wchar_t* v);

void g ( )
   wchar_t v[200];
   f(v); // C6054 - v is not "null-terminated" before the call to f

To correct this warning, null-terminate v before calling function f as shown in the following sample code:

void g( )
  wchar_t v[200]; 
  v[0]= '\0';

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