This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Deployment Reports 

In Deployment Designer, you can generate deployment reports from a deployment diagram.

In This Section

Overview of Deployment Reports

Describes the features of deployment reports and the details of the XML information generated within them.

How to: Assign Project Roles in Deployment Reports

Explains how to assign project roles for deployment diagrams. This list of project roles is included in the deployment report.

How to: Generate Deployment Reports

Demonstrates how to create deployment reports.

How to: Use Automation with Deployment Reports

Explains how to automate creating deployment reports.

How to: Customize Deployment Reports

Explains how to change the layout of deployment reports by modifying or replacing the deployment report XSL.

How to: Create Deployment Reports from the Command Line

Describes how to generate deployment reports from the command line. You can also generate deployment reports through automation using Visual Studio.

DeploymentReport Schema

Reference for all XML schema elements in deployment reports.

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