We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Help Command (Team Foundation Build)

Use the help command to display a help topic that contains detailed information about a specified Team Foundation Build command.

TFSBuild help commandname


Argument Description


Specifies a Team Foundation Build command for which to display a help topic. If you do not know which command you need, type TFSBuild help for a list of command reference topics and links to additional resources.

Calling the help command without a commandname parameter displays a list of all commands in the Help dialog box together with usage requirements and a brief explanation for each. If the commandname parameter is included, the Help dialog box is opened to that specific command. If no command matches commandname exactly, aliases and short names are searched for a match as additionally. If no command, alias, or short name exists that matches commandname, an error is reported.

The option /? is an alias for help. If you use the /? option with any Team Foundation Build command, you call the help command, with the command name as the commandname parameter.

The following example displays a list of all Team Foundation Build commands including a brief explanation of the syntax.

> TFSBuild help

The following example displays detailed information about the start command.

> TFSBuild help start

The following example displays information about the start command.

> TFSBuild start /?