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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Working with Build Types in Team Foundation Build

This section contains topics that describe how to create and modify build types in Team Foundation Build.

Team Foundation Build uses build types to manage the conditions under which a single solution or a set of solutions will be built. Build types are created and modified using the New Team Foundation Build Type Creation Wizard, which includes the following configuration options:

  • Build Workspace

    Use this setting to define the solutions to be built within the build type. Each workspace has an indicated owner who created it. Specifically, a workspace defines the part of the source tree that will be built. In particular, sources visible from a particular workspace will be built on the build machine.

  • Build Machine

    Use this setting to specify the machine on which the build runs.

  • Build Drop Location

    Use this setting to specify a network share into which output of the build can be dropped. Output from each build will be dropped into a separate directory under this share.

  • Configuration

    Use this setting to specify the configuration and platform; for example, debug, x86, or retail x86.

  • Build Steps

    Use to specify additional steps, such as code analysis, that get run in the build process.

In This Section

How to: Create a New Build Type

Describes the steps used to create and configure a new build type for Team Foundation Build.

How to: Configure Tests with Build Types

Explains how to modify build types and projects to take advantage of the testing capabilities in Team Foundation Build.

Testing Web Sites and Web Services in Team System

Provides additional information about working with tests in Team Foundation Build.

How to: Establish Permissions for Team Foundation Build Computer

Describes how to establish permissions for the team foundation build machine to run builds.

How to: Edit a Build Type

Explains how to modify a build type's underlying xml file, including some custom settings.

How to: Update Build Types on Branched Team Projects

Explains how to edit build types in a newly established branch so they build correctly.

How to: Delete a Build Type

Describes how to delete a build type that is no longer needed.


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