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Microsoft Project Work Item Views

You can set up views in Microsoft Project to provide a visual representation of project data that is useful in tracking your project. For example, you can have a view that helps you track the progress, or a view that shows you how your team resources are being used. Besides the views available already in Microsoft Project, Team Foundation provides two additional views for tracking your team projects:

  • Team System Gantt   Use this view to manage your team project work items and tasks. This is the default view when you first open work items in Microsoft Project.

  • Team System Task Sheet   Use this view to simplify the task of importing or exporting tasks from Microsoft Project. The Team System Task Sheet view contains all the fields that are being transferred between Microsoft Project and Team Foundation.

Team System Gantt

The Gantt view contains all the fields in the Microsoft Project Gantt Chart view with the entry table and important Team Foundation fields. To see this view, on the View menu, select Team System Gantt.

The Team System Gantt view contains the same fields as the Microsoft Project Gantt view together with a set of key Team Foundation fields. The following table shows which columns map to which fields for a team project using the MSF for Agile Software Development process template. To see specific column mappings for your team project, display the column mapping dialog box. For more information about displaying column mappings, see How to: Change How Fields are Mapped to Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project Column Team Foundation Work Item Field


None. This is the Microsoft Project task ID.




Remaining Work


Start Date


Finish Date



Resource Names

Assigned to

Area Path

Path. The categorization of the work item type. This field is useful for grouping similar work items.

Work Item Type

Work item type. For example, if your team project uses the MSF for Agile Software Development process, the work item types are bug, task, scenario, quality of service requirement, and risk.

Publish and Refresh

The synchronization option that controls whether the work item is published to Team Foundation Server.

Iteration Path

Iteration. The team project iteration to which the work item belongs.

Work Item ID

The unique identifier for the work item. The ID is created by Team Foundation Server and differs from the ID field in Microsoft Project.

Team System Task Sheet View

The Team System Task Sheet view lets you see all the fields that are refreshed and published between Microsoft Project and Team Foundation.

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