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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using Reporting and Metrics for Team System

The reports produced by Team Foundation can help you quickly assess the status of the team project, the quality of the software under development, and the progress toward project completion. These reports summarize the metrics from such things as work items, source control, test results, and builds. For example, the reports can tell you how fast your team is working from week-to-week, based on their actual activities.

In This Section

Getting Started With Custom Reports for Team System

Provides the information you need to choose a tool and begin creating custom reports for Team System to answer new questions and expose complex and subtle trends.

Team Foundation Server Reporting

Describes the procedures for locating, editing, and setting permissions on reports. Also describes ways to use Microsoft Excel and Report Designer to report team project information.

Team Foundation Server Data Warehouse

Describes the organization and operation of the data warehouse.

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Managing Work Items in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project

Describes the integration of Team Foundation with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word and how those products can be used to view the status of the team project.

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