We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Managing Team Explorer Favorites

Team Explorer has a My Favorites node located directly under the Team Foundation Server node. The My Favorites node contains your favorites, which are shortcuts to team project nodes. You can use favorites to quickly access team project nodes that you frequently use.

Your favorites are associated with one Team Foundation Server. Therefore, if you open a connection to a new Team Foundation Server, you will see a new set of favorites for that Team Foundation Server.

  • Adding Nodes to My Favorites

    You can add almost any node to the My Favorites node. Which nodes can be favorites depends on the plug-in. For example, the work items plug-in allows you to add queries to the My Favorites node. To determine whether a node can be added as a favorite, right-click it and see whether the Add to My Favorites menu option is available.

  • Managing My Favorites Folders

    If you work on many team projects and have many favorites, you can organize them using folders. You can create folders under the My Favorites node and move, copy, or add favorites to match your preferences.

In This Section

How to: Add or Remove Favorites in Team Explorer

Explains the procedures for adding or removing an item from the My Favorites node.

How to: Move or Copy Favorites in Team Explorer

Explains the procedures for moving or copying a favorite item from one node to another.

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