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Working with Source Control Changesets

A changeset is a logical container in which Team Foundation stores everything related to a single check-in operation, specifically: file and folder revisions, links to related work items, check-in notes, a comment, policy compliance and system metadata such as owner name and date/time of check in.

When you check in a set of pending changes, Team Foundation creates a new changeset in the source control server and assigns it a unique changeset number. Changeset numbers increase sequentially. For example, changeset #3 precedes changeset #4, and so on. No two changesets may have the same date/time of check in. Because of this property, changesets also represent particular points in time for the state of the server.

In This Section

How to: Find a Changeset

Describes the steps used to find a changeset in Team Foundation source control.

How to: View Details for Changesets

Explains the procedure used to view detailed information about a changeset.

How to: Retrieve Old Versions of Files from Changesets

Describes the procedure used to retrieve an earlier version of a file that is contained in a changeset.


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