Using Source Control Explorer
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Using Source Control Explorer

Source Control Explorer is used to view and manage Team Foundation source control such as team projects, folders, and files. Before using Source Control Explorer, you must be familiar with team projects and workspaces. For more information, see Team Foundation Team Projects and Working with Source Control Workspaces.

By using Source Control Explorer, you can accomplish the following tasks:

In addition to Source Control Explorer, Solution Explorer also contains added functionality that is specific to Team Foundation source control. For more information, see Understanding Source Control with Solution Explorer. You can also perform several Team Foundation source control tasks from the command line. For more information, see Tf Command-Line Utility Commands.

In This Section

How to: Open Source Control Explorer

Explains the steps used to open the Source Control Explorer window.

How to: Refresh Source Control Status

Describes the procedure used to refresh the Source Control Explorer window.

How to: Identify Source Control Item Status in Source Control Explorer

Explains how to determine the status of files and folders in Team Foundation source control using status icons and pending check-in type status in the Source Control Explorer window.

How to: Open and Close the Folders Pane in Source Control Explorer

Describes the steps used to open and close the file folders pane in the Source Control Explorer window.


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