This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs provide step-by-step instructions for common scenarios and are a good place to start learning about Team Foundation.

The following walkthroughs demonstrate ways that you can use Team Foundation to manage your projects.

Team Project Walkthroughs

Create and manage your team projects.

Team Foundation Work Item Tracking Walkthroughs

Create, search for, and manage the work items in your team project.

Customizing Work Item Types for Team Foundation

Customize and administer work item types in Team Foundation Server for your team project.

Team Foundation Version Control Walkthroughs

Create, customize, and manage your source control in your team project.

Team Foundation Build Walkthroughs

Create, run, and analyze team builds for your team project.

Team Foundation Administration Walkthroughs

Set up and administer your Team Foundation Server.