This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Copy Aggregation Design Dialog Box (SSAS)

Use the Copy Aggregation Design dialog box in SQL Server Management Studio to copy the aggregation design from a source partition to one or more destination partitions. You can display the Copy Aggregation Design dialog box by right-clicking a partition in Object Explorer and selecting Copy Aggregation Design.

Term Definition

Source partition

Select the partition from which to copy the aggregation design.

Destination partitions

Select the partitions to which to copy the aggregation design.

The following grid is used to specify destination partitions:

<check box> Select or clear the check box in the column header to include or exclude all listed partitions as destination partitions. Select or clear a check box by a partition to include or exclude that partition as a destination partition.
Partition name Displays the name of the partition.
Source Displays the source query for the partition.
Aggregations Displays information about the existing aggregation design for the partition.
Column Description