This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Archive Wizard (Administrator)

Visual Studio 2005

Archives (backs up) projects in your Visual SourceSafe database to an archive file.

You can also perform these operations from the command line using the SSARC utility.

Wizard Access

In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, access the Choose Project to Archive dialog box, select a project or projects, and click OK.

Wizard Step 1 of 3

Step 1 of the Archive wizard allows you to specify particular files and projects to archive within the chosen project.


Adds files or projects to the list to be archived.


Exits the Archive wizard without completing the archive.


Proceeds to the next step of the wizard.


Removes files or projects from the list of items to archive.

Select All

Selects all files and projects in the chosen project for archiving.

Wizard Step 2 of 3

Step 2 of the Archive wizard names the archive file and allows you to specify how the wizard should handle the data.

Archive file

Specifies a name for the archive file. The wizard gives this file an .ssa extension.


Returns to the previous step of the wizard.


Allows you to search for the file to which the wizard can save the archived data.

Delete data permanently

Destroys the data permanently after the archive is complete.


Proceeds to the next step of the wizard.

Save data to file

Saves the data to the specified file.

Save data to file, then delete…

Saves the data to the specified file and then deletes it from the database.

Wizard Step 3 of 3

Step 3 of the Archive wizard allows you to specify options for the archival. You can designate a version range for the data to be archived and enter comments to store with the archive file.

Archive all of the data

Archives all data in the selected project.

Archive this version and older

Archives everything included in the specified file or project version and all older versions. Choosing this option activates the Version box.

To specify the version you can use:

  • Number: evaluates to the specified version number.

  • * : evaluates to the most recent version.

  • LMyLabel : version specified by the label MyLabel.

  • D09/15/2005 : version specified by date-time 09/15/2005. For example "D09/15/2005".

  • Empty, or just L, or just D: no version specified.


Returns to the previous step of the wizard.


Cancels the archive operation.


Performs the archive operation.


Specifies a version of the file or project to archive.

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