This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Language Reference for Devices 

Visual Basic language programming elements available for device application developers are not exactly the same when you target the .NET Compact Framework. The Visual Basic Reference notes those elements that are not supported for device application development. For more information, see Differences from Desktop in .NET Compact Framework Development.

The following programming elements are supported:

  • All Visual Basic data types, directives, methods, objects, operators, and statements.

  • Attributes, Constants and Enumerations, Functions, Keywords, and Properties not listed in the following sections as not being supported.

Certain Visual Basic language programming elements are not available when you target the .NET Compact Framework. The following paragraphs summarize the programming elements not supported for developing smart device applications:


Constants and Enumerations




You can use the following properties to get but not set date and time: Today Property, TimeOfDay Property, DateString Property, and TimeString Property.