This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Graphical Flowchart of Signing Process for Devices 

The graphical representation below shows how the parts of the signing process are related.

The first step in signing your project is to select a certificate. The certificate can be already in your certificate store, or you can import new ones and select those.

After you have selected your certificate, you must decide whether to provision the device with it. If you do provision the device, you must select which certificate store on the device (the privileged store or the unprivileged store) will receive the certificate.

Every time you build, your project is signed with the certificate you have selected. Every time you deploy (for example, F5), the device is provisioned with the selected certificate, which is placed into the selected certificate store on the device.

In the Visual Studio IDE, you typically set your signing options on one of the project property pages.

If you do not want your project Authenticode-signed, then none of this flowchart applies to your project.


VS Signtool Flowchart graphic

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