Surface Area Configuration for Features (Service Broker) - Database Engine

Microsoft SQL Server uses a Service Broker endpoint for Service Broker communication outside the instance of SQL Server.

An endpoint is a SQL Server object that represents the capability for SQL Server to communicate over the network. Each endpoint supports a specific type of communication. For example, an HTTP endpoint lets SQL Server process specific SOAP requests. A Service Broker endpoint configures SQL Server to send and receive Service Broker messages over the network.

Service Broker endpoints can be started, stopped, or disabled. You can use this dialog to start or stop and disable the Service Broker endpoint for an instance.

Service Broker endpoint

Displays the name of the Service Broker endpoint.


Displays the current state of the Service Broker endpoint.

To change the state, select the state from the State box and then click Apply.

  • If the state is Started, you can change the state to Stopped. Stopping the endpoint both stops and disables the endpoint.
  • If the state is Stopped or Disabled, you can change the state to Started. Starting the endpoint both enables and starts the endpoint.

If you want to only disable the endpoint, use ALTER ENDPOINT (Transact-SQL).

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