New Role Assignment / Edit Role Assignment Page (Report Manager)

Use the New Role Assignment or Edit Role Assignment page to define security for a specific report, model, folder, resource, or shared data source. Reporting Services security is enforced through role assignments that you apply to items. A role assignment matches a group or user to a role definition, where each role definition identifies the tasks that groups or users can perform with regards to a specific item.

To open this page, select any item, click the Properties tab at the top of the page, and then click the Security tab at the side of the page. You must have permission to set security at the item level. If an item currently inherits security from a parent item, click Edit Item Security to change the security settings.

Item-level role assignments can have a broad impact. Although they can be associated with a single report or folder, they can also be defined at a high level in the folder hierarchy and be inherited by folders and items that are lower in the tree.

Group or User Name

Type the name of a group or user account for which the role assignment is being created. The group or user name must be a valid domain account. If you are editing a role assignment, the group or user account name appears as hyperlink in the permissions properties page of the item. You can click the group or user account name to edit the role assignment.


Shows all roles defined on the report server that can be used to define security for items. When you create or edit a role assignment for a report or folder, select one or more roles until the combined set of tasks describe the actions that the user should be allowed to perform. To view the set of tasks that each role supports, click the role name.


Shows additional information about the role. For predefined roles such as Browser or Content Manager, the description summarizes the tasks that each role supports.

New Role

Click New Role to create a custom role that contains the set of tasks that you want a user or group to be able to perform. For more information, see New Role / Edit Role Page (Report Manager).

Note that if you are using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services, you cannot create or modify roles. For more information about feature differences in various editions, see Reporting Services in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services.


Click Delete to delete an existing role assignment. Select the check box next to the group or user name before clicking Delete. You cannot delete a role assignment if it is the only one left (each item must have a minimum of one role assignment).