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Impact Analysis Dialog Box (SSAS)

Use the Impact Analysis dialog box in Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to identify and optionally process dependent objects that are affected if the objects listed in the Process dialog box are processed. You can display the Impact Analysis dialog box by clicking Impact Analysis from the Process dialog box.

An object appears more than once if it is affected in more than one way.

Object list

Displays a list of dependent objects in a grid. The grid contains the following columns:

Object Name

Displays the name of the dependent object that may need to be processed. The icon to the left of the name indicates the object type.


Displays the type of dependent object that may need to be processed.

Impact Type

Displays the effect that processing the objects in the Process dialog box has on the dependent object. The following table lists the possible effects of processing and notes whether each one results in a warning or an error.

Impact Message

Object will be cleared (unprocessed)


Object would be invalid


Aggregation would be dropped


Flexible aggregation would be dropped


Indexes will be dropped


Non-child object will be processed


Process Object

Select the dependent objects that you want to process with the processing operation. Dependent objects that are not selected must be processed after the processing operation is finished. Otherwise, they cannot be used.

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