Data Sources (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data)

A data source in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services represents a connection to a data source and contains the connection string that defines how Analysis Services connects to a physical data store using a managed Microsoft .NET Framework or native OLE DB provider. The connection string contains server name, database, security, timeout, and other connection-related information. Analysis Services directly supports many data sources. Supported data sources include Microsoft SQL Server databases and databases created by other products, including Oracle, DB2, and Teradata.

You can define a new data source or define a data source based on a previously defined data source. For information about how to define a data source, see Defining a Data Source Using the Data Source Wizard (Analysis Services).

For information on securing data sources, see: Securing the Data Sources Used by Analysis Services.

For information on working with and persisting data source definitions, see Defining Data Sources (Analysis Services) and Developing and Implementing Using Business Intelligence Development Studio.

Data sources connect Analysis Services to the data outside of Analysis Services. The connection to the physical data is defined by the connection string property of the data source. The data source can be a native OLE DB provider or a managed .NET Framework data provider. The connection string contains server name, database, security, time-out, and other connection-related information. The elements of a connection string can vary from one provider to another. The user should verify what elements are required in the connection string with the data provider.

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