Understanding the Analysis Services Deployment Script

The XML for Analysis (XMLA) deployment script generated by the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard consists of two sections:

  • The first part of the deployment script contains the commands required to create the appropriate Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) objects in the destination database. All existing database objects in the destination database are overwritten, with the exception of the objects retained as specified by the input files and the Deployment Wizard.
  • The second part of the deployment script contains the commands required to process only the objects created or altered on the destination server (the Process Default option) or to fully process the destination database. You can also choose to have the deployment script contain no processing commands.

The entire deployment script can execute in a single transaction or in multiple transactions. If the script executes in multiple transactions, the first part of the script executes as a single transaction, and each object is processed in its own transaction.

The Analysis Services Deployment Wizard only deploys objects into a single Analysis Services database. It does not deploy any server level objects or data.

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