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OLE DB Transactions (SQL Server Compact Edition)

Transactions let you group a series of changes to a database in one atomic operation.

A transaction is started by using ITransactionLocal::StartTransaction. After changes have been made to the database, these changes can be committed by using ITransactionLocal::Commit or aborted by using ITransactionLocal::Abort.

Because using transactions in SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SQL Server Compact Edition) differs somewhat from that of Microsoft SQL Server, you must consider the following provider-specific issues:

  • The ITransactionJoin interface is not supported because this interface requires that a provider be able to support two-phased commit transactions.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition does not support nested transactions.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition holds an exclusive lock on a table that has been modified in a transaction until that transaction finishes. This means that the value of DBPROP_SUPPORTEDTXNDDL property is always DBPROPVAL_TC_ALL.

For more information, see Transactions (SQL Server Compact Edition) and How to: Use Transactions with OLE DB (Programmatically).

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