EventString Element (DTA)

Specifies a Transact-SQL script workload directly in the XML input file.

    <EventString Weight="...">
    ...code removed here...

Attribute Description


Optional. Specifies the query weight factor (a factor of importance) for the specified event. Use a float data type to specify the weight. For example, Weight="100.01". The minimum value you can specify for Weight is "0".

Characteristic Description

Data type and length

string, length is unlimited.

Default value



Required once if no other type of workload is specified. You must specify an EventString, a File, or a Database child element for the Workload parent, but only one type can be used. For example, if you specify a workload with the EventString element, then you cannot also specify a workload with the File element in the same XML input file.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Workload Element (DTA)

Child elements


For a usage example of this element, see the XML Input File Sample with Inline Workload (DTA) .

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