StorageBoundInMB Element (DTA)

Specifies the maximum space in megabytes that can be consumed by the Database Engine Tuning Advisor tuning recommendation (index and partitioning set).

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      <StorageBoundInMB>...</ StorageBoundInMB >

Characteristic Description

Data type and length

unsignedInt, unlimited length.

Default value



Optional. Can only be used once for the TuningOptions element.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

TuningOptions Element (DTA)

Child elements


When multiple databases are tuned, recommendations for all databases are considered for the space calculation. By default, Database Engine Tuning Advisor assumes the smaller of the following storage sizes:

  • Three times the current raw data size, which includes the total size of heaps and clustered indexes on tables.
  • The free space on all attached disk drives plus the raw data size.

The default storage size does not include nonclustered indexes and indexed views.

If the value specified for the StorageBoundInMB element exceeds the actual disk space, Database Engine Tuning Advisor returns an error, but continues tuning. After tuning is complete, you can add disk space if you decide to implement the recommendation.


The following code example shows how to set a limit of 1500 megabytes as the maximum disk space that a tuning recommendation can consume:

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