File Element (DTA)
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File Element (DTA)

Specifies the workload file. A workload is a set of Transact-SQL statements that execute against a database or databases that you want to tune. Workload files can be Transact-SQL scripts (.sql) or trace files (.trc). For more information, see How to: Create Workloads.


Characteristic Description

Data type and length

Use the string data type to specify the directory path to your workload file. For example:


Length limit is enforced by the server.

Default value



Required once if no other type of workload is specified. You must specify an EventString, a File, or a Database child element for the Workload parent, but only one type can be used. For example, if you specify a workload with the File element, then you cannot also specify a workload with the Database element in the same XML input file.

Relationship Elements

Parent element

Workload Element (DTA)

Child elements


For a usage example of this element, see Simple XML Input File Sample (DTA).

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