General User Interface Elements

The Editor, the Properties window, and the Toolbox are some of the basic elements of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Topic Description

About Dialog Box

Describes the dialog box that provides information about SQL Server Management Studio and about the computer that it is running on.

Code and Text Editor

Describes the tool that allows you to edit code or text, and its numerous features such as line numbering, word wrap, Microsoft IntelliSense, and code outlining.

SQL Server Management Studio Web Browser

Describes how SQL Server Management Studio hosts a Web browser in a document window.

External Tools Dialog Box

Allows you to add tools to the Tools menu that are not part of SQL Server Management Studio.

Properties Window (Management Studio)

Allows you to view properties and events of selected objects that are located in editors and designers. Also allows you to edit and view the properties of files, projects, and solutions. Some properties can be edited in the Properties window.

Using the Toolbox

Explains how to manipulate and use the Toolbox to add controls to your project's designers. For example, you use the Toolbox to add steps to a Maintenance task.

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