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General, Manifest Tool, Configuration Properties, <Projectname> Property Pages Dialog Box


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Use this dialog box to specify general options for Mt.exe.

To access this property page dialog box, open the property pages for your project or your property sheet. Expand the Manifest Tool node under Configuration Properties, and then select General.

Suppress Startup Banner
Yes (/nologo) specifies that standard Microsoft copyright data will be concealed when the manifest tool is started. Use this option to suppress unwanted output in log files, when you run mt.exe as part of a build process or from a build environment.

Verbose Output
Yes (/verbose) specifies that additional build information will be displayed during manifest generation.

Assembly Identity
Uses the /identity option to specify an identity string, which comprises the attributes for the <assemblyIdentity> Element. An identity string begins with the value for the name attribute, and is followed by attribute = value pairs. The attributes in an identity string are delimited by a comma.

The following is an example identity string:

Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls, processorArchitecture=x86, version=, type=win32, publicKeyToken=6595b64144ccf1df

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