Visual C# IDE Settings
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Visual C# IDE Settings 

Visual C# settings are a predefined configuration of tool windows, menus, and keyboard shortcuts. These settings are part of the Visual Studio Settings feature, which you can customize to fit your work habits.

Windows and Views

Feature Displayed by default? Notes

Class View


  • Class View is available on the View menu.

  • Filtering is enabled.

Command Window


Dynamic Help Window


Pressing the F1 key does not display the Dynamic Help window.

For more information on the Dynamic Help Window, see How to: Customize Dynamic Help or How to: Control the Dynamic Help Window.

Object Browser


  • Does not display inherited members by default.

Output Window


Solution Explorer


Solution Explorer appears docked on the right side of the IDE.

Start Page

Yes, when you start the IDE

The Start Page displays articles from the MSDN RSS feed for Visual C#.

Task List (Visual Studio)



Yes, when you create a Windows Forms application

The Toolbox appears as a collapsed window that is docked on the left side of the IDE.


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