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My.User.IsInRole Method 

Determines whether the current user belongs to the specified role.

' Usage
Dim value As Boolean = My.User.IsInRole(role)
Dim value As Boolean = My.User.IsInRole(role)
' Declaration
Public Function IsInRole( _
   ByVal role As String _
) As Boolean
' -or-
Public Function IsInRole( _
   ByVal role As BuiltInRole _
) As Boolean



String or BuiltInRole Enumeration. The role for which to check membership.

True if the current user is a member of the specified role; otherwise, False.

The My.User.IsInRole method allows your code to determine if the current user is a member of the specified role.

The overload of the My.User.IsInRole method that takes a string provides easy access to the IsInRole method of the current principal.

The overload of the My.User.IsInRole method that takes a BuiltInRole enumeration behaves differently, depending on the current principal. If it is a Windows user principal (WindowsPrincipal), this function converts role to the equivalent WindowsBuiltInRole enumeration and returns the result of calling IsInRole. If the current principal is any other principal, this function passes the name of the enumeration value in role to the principal's IsInRole method.


The exact behavior of the My.User object depends on the type of the application and on the operating system on which the application runs. For more information, see My.User Object.

To See

Determine the user's role

How to: Determine if a User is in a Group

This example checks if the user is an administrator before accessing a resource.

If My.User.IsInRole( _
        ApplicationServices.BuiltInRole.Administrator) Then
    ' Insert code to access a resource here.
End If

Namespace: Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices

Class: User, WebUser

Assembly: Visual Basic Runtime Library (in Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll)

Availability by Project Type

Project type Available

Windows Application


Class Library


Console Application


Windows Control Library


Web Control Library


Windows Service


Web Site


The following permission may be necessary:

Permission Description


Describes a set of security permissions applied to code. Associated enumeration: ControlPrincipal.

For more information, see Code Access Security and Requesting Permissions.

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